Oct 29, 2017
We created a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation
Business Name is
“Everyone Can Help Someone, Inc.”

UPDATE MAR 30, 2019
We have resumed this project with our return to the Caribbean Sea. Our first project is now completed with our donations to the children and teachers on Jost Van Dyke Primary School. You can see the summary at the bottom of this page and you can read about the story on the post here. Thank you all.

UPDATE Nov 20, 2017:
We moved our donation page to our nonprofit website here, which will be dedicated to our Helping Project. The svIslandSpirit.com site needs to remain our travel blog and our sailing adventures. Because our helping project is growing, we formed a nonprofit corporation, opened a dedicated bank account and opened a business PayPal account. All donations have been moved to this new corporation and all future donations will be made to this new nonprofit. The PayPal button below now donates to the nonprofit corporation. This is our new website we are building:


This is how it all began

Since the 2107 hurricanes IRMA and MARIA have hit the Caribbean Islands so hard, Radeen and I have been looking for ways we can help. So, we have restructured our Island Spirit website into a full social media project where we will use Patreon to build a subscriber-based site.  The funds raised from this model of Website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon will be donated to people in need who were affected by these hurricanes. As we cruise this 2017-2018 season, we will be photographing and blogging, as we have done since 2007, and we will be looking for families and businesses that we can help. The donated funds will then be spent to help these people. We are only two, but with the support of our followers, we all can make a difference together. Our Tagline is…

We Can’t Help Everyone, but Everyone Can Help Someone

Please see our 2-minute intro video

What is Patreon and How does this work?

Patreon is a website that helps content producers earn money for their blogging, publishing videos to YouTube and creating interesting content. The system is really an amazing idea and many of the large and popular vlog sites are using this system to earn a living. Our model is different. We are using the model of Blogging and YouTube and all the social media platforms along with Patreon to raise money TO HELP OTHERS. It is that simple. We will be using the money to buy necessary items to help those affected by the destructive hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, USVI and BVIs.

Radeen and I have been blogging since 2007 and we have never charged for our content. It is and will always be free. We have shared our blog with many, and you have all told us how much you like our blog. So, enter Patreon, where we ask you to consider supporting our new project to HELP OTHERS.

As a patron, you can elect to donate $1, $2, $5, $10 each time we publish a blog or a video to YouTube. You can also protect yourself and set a limit to the amount you will contribute per month. For example, let’s say you become a $2 patron, and you set this to a maximum of $8 per month. When we publish any new content, we will receive $2 from you. We plan to publish each week, so the most you would give us is $8 each month. What if we publish more often than once a week? That is where your limit comes in. You will never be charged more than your monthly limit. This protects you and allows you to know exactly the amount you are contributing.

So, please consider becoming a patron of svIslandSpirit.com and together we all can help someone.  Join us now….

Please become a Patron
You can join us here and give us a $1, $2, $5, or $10 when publish new content.

See our patreon page

Make a DIRECT DONATION using your Credit Card or PayPal to EveryoneCanHelpSomeone.com
This will go directly to our Business Account at PayPal

If you would like to make a direct donation to our project then, please use this PayPal donate link below. Using PayPal is secure, and safe via a credit card or your own PayPal account. Note: When making your donation you can also check the checkbox to make your donation a monthly amount if you like. That is another option as well. Thank you again for joining our project.

Please click this LINK 
donate directly
Everyone Can Help Someone, Inc.

Donation Summary Below

This page is the summary of accounts as donations flow in. We will ledger it all here to be open and clear as to where we have donated and where we have spent the money. Our goal is to help organizations and to help others. Thank you all for your support!

Our 2017 Personal Donations:

$200, British Red Cross for Hurricane Maria
$200, American Red Cross for Hurricane Maria
$100, VirginUnite for direct help for Virgin Gorda Residents
$100, SailorsHelping.org
$50, Rhymer Family Hurricane Relief in Cane Garden Bay, Tortola
$900, to File for a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation on LegalZoom.com and w/our accountant and help of our attorney friend.
$100, for new logo design in the works Nov 25, 2017
Our own personal donations
$1,650 our Total personal donations to help

Income via Check, PayPal and Patreon system.

  • $15 per content via Patreon, we now have 5 patrons!
  • $100 Direct donation, a Virginia family patron.  Thank you.
  • $250 Direct donation via PayPal, fellow Island Packet Owner, Thank you GJ!
  • $200 Direct donation from our Virginia family. Thank you so very much TM!
  • $100 Direct donation from our Oregon State family. Thank you L&J!
  • $200 Direct donation from our Arizona Family. Thank you so very much TE!
  • $100 Direct donation from an IPY friend. Thak you very much J & L
  • $30 Direct donation from a former student of mine! Thank you so much, KM
  • $50 Direct donation from a college friend! Thank you very much PS.
  • $100 Direct donation from our New Mexico Family! Thank you RR
  • $200 Direct donation from our New Mexico Family. Thank you RM!
  • $50 Direct donation from a dear sailing friend. Thank you KR!
  • $150 Direct check donation from our sailing buddies in FL. Thank you L&J
    …..Total to date 2017 year #1: $1,530 + Patreon when we post there…….
  • 2018 Year:
  • $100 Direct donation from longtime IPY sailing buddies. Thank you, C & M.

OUR FIRST HELP to people in Puerto Rico

  1. Oct 10?, 2017…..$107.00
    Our yacht Rigger in Puerto Del Ray, named Quino, mentioned he has a sincere need for D batteries. We shipped, via Amazon Prime, 72  Energizer D Batteries. He was thrilled with the gift. This is what we shipped: ENERGIZER E95 Max ALKALINE D BATTERY Made in USA Exp. 12-2024 or later – 24 Count (3)  Order Summary Grand Total: $107.97
     72 D Batteries shipped in

  • Oct 27, 2017…..$285.00
    We ordered some items that we know will help. We bought 5 Solar Showers $7.99@, 5 five gallon water jugs $9.99@, 2 Life Straws $19.50@ and 10 Solar Lights $12.99@. We bought all of this from Amazon Prime and we have it packed in our luggage. We will take this with us to give away. Our point of contact is Quino, our boat manager who is taking items back to his village and helping others via us.
    Total order $285.00

  • NOV 14, 2017….$335.00
    LUCI Light 2.0 by MPowerd.com

    We just bought 30 LUCI LIGHTS to take back to Puerto Rico to give to people who have been without power since these two hurricanes hit. Now over 60 days. Imagine living without power in your home for 2 months or more! Last time we took 10 of these and people loved them. This time we take 30 because we filed as a nonprofit with Mpowerd.com and they gave us a discount to about $10 per light. A great help.

  • Dec 30, 2017. $300
    We gave a check of $300 direct donation from our nonprofit to the public school of Jost van Dyke. The principal, Lavern D. Blyden was so gracious and so happy. This school has 27 children K-6 and they lost everything. The second floor of their school was blown away. The roof of their other building was totally blown off as well. We hope we can do more in the future….
Hayden & Radeen donate $300 to School on Jost











If you WANT TO HELP, then please email the principal directly and ask her how you can help:
lavlavblyden at g Mail dot com


Dec 29, 2017 $500
St. Thomas Dutch Reform Church Donation to HELP

We attended Christmas Eve services at this beautiful Church and our Island Packet Yacht Dealer here in the Caribbean attends this church as well. From Skip and Andrea, we learned that this church is feeding thousands of meals a day to this in need after the hurricanes. We felt right at home here in this church and under Skip and Andrea’s names, we made a $500.00 donation to help others. We will be looking forward to raising more donations to be given this wonderful church working at the grassroots level here in St. Thomas.

Hayden and Radeen donate $500 to the St. Thomas Dutch Reformed Church via Skip and Andrea.
St. Thomas Dutch Reformed Church

2017 Donations to Help Others = #3,222.00 for our year #1 of this charity
Total GIFTS to People in Puerto Rico, USVI and BVIs = $1,572.00 + the $1,650 of our own donation!

Thank you all for your donations and help. We are simply trying to help one person at a time.



We were fixing our own boat, this mission was not active



School Supplies and gifts to Jost Van Dyke

  • $480 Mpowerd.com 48 LUCI Lights (36 given, 12 held for children on Dominica)
  • $93.00  Expedited shipping
  • $60.00 Salinas Rental car plus gas ($50 $10)
  • $172.00 Walmart: Markers and Expo Whiteboard markers:
  • $530.00 Office Max, Ponce PR: Staplers, staples, glue sticks, mounting tape, post-it notes, pens, 200 laminating pockets, etc.
  • $150. 00 Kmart: Microwave, Toaster oven, and Iron as gifts to help out
  • $30.00 Duty on gifts to import, 20%
  • $50.00 Customs and Immigration to clear in and clear out of BVIs
  • TOTAL = $1,565.00


  1. $100.00 Longtime Friends F & G, thank you!
  2. …..This was all we received, we donated all the rest!  $1,465.00 of our own money.
  3. ………Thank you all….